Allec’s Awesome Tarot Workbook


Allec’s Awesome Tarot Workbook

On the request of someone I know, I put together a little workbook on how to learn tarot. I had in mind an absolute beginner to tarot when creating this, so hopefully it isn’t confusing! Here are the sections:

  • Table of Awesome Contents
  • How To Use This Workbook
  • Deck Love
  • Tarot Journal
  • Minor Arcana
  • Major Arcana
  • Reversals
  • How To Do A Reading
  • Reading for Yourself
  • Reading for Others
  • Final Thoughts

As I say in the workbook, it’s perfectly fine to skip around to the sections you need. (eg: maybe you already own a deck so you don’t need to read up on the “Deck Love” section.)

Anyways, I’m putting it out there for free! Though you can donate to me if you feel so moved via PayPal. At any rate, click below to get the free PDF of workbook:

Feedback of any kind is welcomed! You can leave a comment on this page, message me on Tumblr, or email me at allec.guire @



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