NBMysteries: Lunar and Solar Symbolism

"Sun and Moon" by  starwoodarts on deviantArt

“Sun and Moon” by starwoodarts on deviantArt

Partaking again in the Non-Binary Mysteries prompt! This one is about Lunar and Solar entities.

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Nonbinary in Polytheism

This is weird. I’ve been cis gender most my life, but recently I’ve been questioning that. When a dear friend of mine brought up the term “Demigirl”, everything clicked in place.

But I guess that means I’m non binary anymore?

With all that said, I decided to participate in the Nonbinary Mysteries Prompts as a demigender individual. I…hadn’t really interacted with the nonbinary community since discovering I am demigirl (demifemme? Demifemale?) so. Just. Be gentle if I mess up…

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