Review: Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

I came across Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards deck while perusing through Amazon and upon inspecting it I knew I needed to have it. Not only as a fan of the Wonderland books, but also because they had a great potential for divination!


Box and 7 of Diamonds of Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

I’m a bit disappointed in the box the cards come in. It’s a bit too small and I had to rip the edges of the lid to get the cards out. The cards themselves are small — typical size of playing cards — and made of a sort of plastic material.

The deck doesn’t come with any instruction manual on how to use the cards. After all, these are suppose to be playing cards. So there isn’t any official divination instructions.

The card backs (shown in the first picture) have a picture that makes it obvious when the cards are reversed. The card fronts also are obvious when they are upright by both a picture being shown and words on the card.

The words are the exciting part for me. Each card has a different quote from the Wonderland books (either Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or Through the Looking-Glass.) Thus, this deck becomes a sort of way to do stichomancy (which is divination using book quotes.) Each card also has a different picture on it, corresponding to the quote.

Spread interview with my new Wonderland deck!

Deck Interview Spread using Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

So what I am doing with these cards is to treat them like an oracle deck with the quotes giving the inspiration for the meanings of the cards. I’m a huge fan of the Wonderland books, so most of the cards’ quotes I understand the context for without falter. But there are some quotes that escape my memory. My plan is to reread the two Wonderland books to refresh my memory, though.

This deck as a divination tool is really unique but still effective. The quotes showcase a range of meanings so that different questions can be answered. I personally see them as a potential mix of cartomancy and stichomancy, which is exciting as those are my two favorite types of divination. I think you could probably go a step further and apply playing card cartomancy meanings to these cards as well, though I don’t know if I will do that myself.

I would recommend this deck to anyone who loves the Wonderland books… but I can’t imagine that someone who didn’t enjoy those books would enjoy these cards and/or be able to divine meanings from them. They’re definitely a novel deck in that regard.

I did a video review of this deck here.




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