New Shrine Space

I realized about a month ago that my religious practice felt cumbersome becaue my shrine was cumbersome. While I was excited about its set up a year ago, I slowly lost that enthusiasm.

I always say how the shrine I had set up wasn’t for my Powers, but for me. I wanted something large and gaudy — they never demanded a huge set up, I desired one. And for a time, that was true. But now, I wanted to downsize. I needed  to downsize. The large setup was stressing me out. I wanted something I could sit at with ease.

And so…

Picture of my new shrine space

Picture of my new shrine space

I got a desk, and some storage.


I have a shelf that is dedicated to my divination tools. Lots of decks! They are all accessible now. I also have pen and paper, as well as my Chrome book, also on that top shelf. The below shelf (not pictured) has my magic books and my vanity shrine.

Then there is an empty desk. Well, mostly empty. I do have my rainbow tree picture that my friend painted so many years ago as a backdrop to an empty desk. But this empty desk is where I’ll do divination and do work with my Powers.

To the right is my Lugh shrine, with His statue and a few meaningful trinket. It’s smaller than His old shrine, but I still have His offering bowl so I can constantly have water available to Him — which is important to me.

Below Lugh’s shrine, I have a box with more of His shrine stuff. Below that, I have my Love Box (a box holding letters from friends and family over the years), my ancestor shrine box, and my LGBTAQ+ / MOGAI / Queer ancestor box.

To the right of all that are more shrine boxes, each for a different entity. One for a Shark Spirit, one for Manannán mac Lir, one for the Morrígan, and one for Brighid. Underneath that, I have my incense, candles, and other must-have ritual supplies.

I still have a lot of stuff. Like a lot. Part of that is because I love to collect decks. Part of that, though, is that I still want to have stuff for different entities. I may eventually decide to not have objects for different entities and instead just pray to them without needing to bring out a special candle holder or whatever.

We’ll see.

For now, I’m happy with the setup. I have room to bring out a box, work with that entity, and then put that box away. I have space to do personal and professional divination. I can actually sit down in a comfortable chair while doing all of this.

So yes, very happy with the set up. Not as gaudy, but it’s accessible and easy to work on — which is what I need.


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