Eh…Who Needs Them?

Just wanted to post a quick update about how my “About”  page has changed. It changed in one major way: I no longer call myself a Bandraoi or a Banfhaidh. And I figured I’d muse why that is.

Let’s start with how I don’t do much magic these days. I tried to increase how much I did magic, and expand my knowledge, but I just couldn’t. Part of the reason is that my energy levels are so low that it’s hard to muster enough energy to cast a spell when I need to, let alone just to practice techniques.

The reason for low energy, by the by, is that I was diagnosed with narcolepsy. So that “low energy” isn’t going to be changing anytime soon, unfortunately.

Secondly, the prefix “ban” of those titles started to bother me. I am feeling less and less like a “woman” so I don’t want to give myself a feminine prefix.

Anyway, that’s the update! Carry on.



5 thoughts on “Eh…Who Needs Them?

  1. Interesting. I am pondering feminine prefixes/suffixes and what they mean when one is socially perceived as a woman but actually non-binary. May be writing about ‘priestess’ soon.

  2. Also, sorry to hear about narcolepsy dx 😦 I have chronic illnesses (including a mystery sleep disorder that’s currently being investigated) and can relate to how hard it is to do magic with low energy.

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