Thoughts on the Warrior’s Path

"Iron Warrior" by Pascal

A few days ago, I asked several groups on Facebook and Tumblr what they thought of when thinking of “Warrior’s Path.” I got a lot of responses, which I wasn’t expecting! I thought I was out-of-the-know for not having a definite idea of what a “Warrior’s Path” looked like, but it seems that the confusion is rather because so many people have so many different opinions coming from a variety of reasonings.

I figured that, having asked for all these opinions, I should weigh in myself finally. Though I don’t have one universal opinion. Instead, I see it as being relative. Continue reading


If you’re going to be respectful, you’ll care about my religion

I had the great privilege to attend “Omaha Table Talk: The Heartland Interfaith Dialogue” hosted by Inclusive Communities. While polytheism in any form wasn’t at all discussed (until I brought it up in my table), it was a great effort to bring discussion around religion and religious identities. The panel we got to listen to prior to the table discussions contained a Jewish person, a Lutheran Christian person, and a Muslim student. It gave me a great deal to think about, and I am glad I attended.

But what I am writing about isn’t necessarily about the entire event, but more about what a person at my table brought up right when we were ending the talk. I didn’t get a chance to respond to them, but what they said needs a response. And since I’ve heard this type of thinking before, it definitely needs to be said publicly.

This person ended the talk by saying: “It doesn’t matter to me what your religion is! Only that you’re a respectful person!” …says the Roman-Catholic attendee.

Let me explain why I find this offensive… Continue reading