Shrine Desires

Overall Picture of Shrine

We moved to our new apartment the last weekend of August. Since then, my shrine has been packed up–awaiting a new piece of furniture to house it. I lucked out and found the above pictured furniture on Craigslist for real cheap, so with my last paycheck, I bought it.

It feels so good to have a shrine again.

Going without one for so long, I really appreciate how important it is to me to have a space for prayer, meditation, and just relaxing. It really gives me a sense of focus, dedication, and strength.

Hearth and Home Shrine

The first area is my “home” and “hearth” area. As you may notice, Lugh is sitting on the left side of this area. This is because, after oathing to Him, He’s now my family. On the right side of the photo, you see more tokens of the family I have that is living: William’s William bear, his first menorah, a picture of my cousins, my home jar, coffee… We still have my “hearth fire” which is my wax burner. I need to get back into the habit of saying nightly and morning prayers around turning that on and off.

Dé ocus anDé Shrine

On the top right hand shelf, I have the Dé ocus anDé. In the back are these cosmology paintings my friend Zach made for me. In front of it, is an offering dish and an oil candle-burner. To the left is Mannánan’s shrine; to the right is Brighid’s shrine. Not very impressive, but enough to keep me thinking of them and having a place to put their offerings if I need to.

Ancestor Altar

A new addition to my shrine is my Ancestor Altar. In the back left hand corner is my Grandma Kay. You can’t see it, but I have her pearls she gave me placed at the foot of her picture as well as part of the Catholic Bible. To the left of her picture is a Catholic Song book that was traded to me, which I think my Grandma would like since she really enjoyed Catholic Music. And a penguin candle, since penguins were her favorite animal.

To the right back is a gift I dedicated to my great-great-great Aunt Evelyn Stryker. I don’t know much about her, but from what I do know I think she would appreciate being on my altar to the ancestors.

Eventually, I want to add our deceased family dog Carmella. Besides being a loving pet, my grandma also really liked the dog so it seems fitting to put them together on the altar.

In the foreground, I have three candles in those leafy bowls: one for my female ancestors, one for my male ancestors, and one for my nonbinary ancestors. I took this idea from the Many Gods West ritual where we said prayers to those three ancestral groups. I found it to be a really great way to pray to the ancestors, particularly the ones I don’t know names for.

Nature Shrine

Lastly, I have my nature shrine on the top shelf behind the door! Mostly consisting of ocean stuff…we also have some shark stuff and a bit of nature stuff in the back-right corner! I also decided this would be where I place my keychains from places I’ve visited.

This is now also my altar because I have a bunch of tools and ingredients stored in it now too. I have a place for my herbs, my candles, my incense, my divination tools… All of it. Even some of my art supplies are getting placed in the door section.

Overall? A great purchase. I feel so much more at peace in my apartment having it up. And best of all, I can start to get back into my religious routines and develop new ones too. I’m excited.


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