Experiment: Can I use digital stichomancy to divine deity names?

The short answer: No. 

The long answer…

I did a bunch of readings with various volunteers to see if I could get one of their deities to appear in a stichomancy reading. However, typical stichomancy requires having a physical book. I don’t have a physical book, but rather a large PDF of an encyclopedia to use. So I had to figure out a new method for figuring out what page I should be on.

I first tried 3 different methods: Method 1 was to use only the pages that had deity names on it and have the random number generator determine scrolling page to use. Method 2 was to only include the pages that had deity names on it, but use the book’s actual pages rather than the scrolling page (there was a difference in the numbers.) Lastly, Method 3 was to include ALL the pages and have the random number generator determine the page. I also included one blank page for Method 1 and 2 so that if the deity didn’t appear in the book, the generator should show me that page.

Well, the results for that were mixed. I ended up getting three correct divinations, but eleven were incorrect. However, there was emerging a pattern of near-misses. People remarked that, when they looked up the deities, their deities shared a similar focus in personality or what they reigned over.

I then tried Method Alpha. This was where I used only the pages with deity names and used the page numbers rather than the scrolls, and focused very hard on my intuition and prayer. But this was flawed. I couldn’t quickly enough sense a deity, and got impatient. I also had repair people in my apartment, so I was distracted. Nonetheless, I managed to get two out of seven correct.

I noticed something else. It would seem I could be “off” by a few pages. So,  I then moved to Method Beta where I included the pages before and after the page randomly generated. This resulted in 1 out of 3 correct.

Despite not getting any clear deity feelings while diving, I was exhausted and ended the experiment there. Here is the data.

My friend Ashley pointed out how her mood seemed to influence her reading. The deities she got reflected her mood almost exactly. Which raised a question for me: would focusing on the energy a deity gave receive any results? My immediate test with a goddess I knew resulted in…No. No it doesn’t.

At least, I’m not skilled enough to do it.

I think another big factor was the random number generator. I just get this sensation of it being a huge block–trying too hard to be random, rather than allowing itself to be influenced by magic and divinity.

I think I might use this method from time to time to try to see if it helps me answer requests for deity identification, but I think having an actual book would be more beneficial than the PDF I was using. I do well with being literally hands-on with my work, I think.

But thank you to everyone who participated, or wanted to participate! It means a lot to me that I was able to figure this out!


2 thoughts on “Experiment: Can I use digital stichomancy to divine deity names?

  1. What a great experiment! I find I am woefully ungifted in stichomancy, even when trying to read for myself. Shufflemancy seems to be more suited to myself, and whomever controls the randomise button when I’m divining!

    • I’ve had on/off success with stichomancy for myself. But doing it online was something I was NOT prepared for. Some other people are pressing me to try this again with the book in hand, and I’m excited to get some funds to redo the experiment that way!

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