Gaelic Divination Stones

oracle stones

For a while now, I’ve been musing about the idea of using Gaelic ideas to base a system of divination around. Originally I was thinking of using cards, but the idea of using stones came to me more recently and I liked it.

So pictured above is the result! There are 18 stones total, listed below. I may add two more stones but I’m not set on that idea as of now.

I plan to have this sold from my Etsy shop to add some more revenue for the Polytheist Community Center. But someone wanted to know how to make them themselves, so I’ll explain my process below for anyone who has the tools to do this:

Eighteen stones with images symbolizing: Earth, Sea, Sky, Moon, Sun, Fire, Triskele, Honor, Family, Community, Fae, Otherworld, Gods, Ancestors, Hearth, Hospitality, Ogham, and Magic. I used a color coded system: black are abstract concepts, gold are tangible things in this world, and silver is Otherworldly things. There’s some overlap as you may guess, which makes for some interesting imagery.

I read them by throwing them on a cloth divided into three sections. These trisections don’t represent anything and just help me see connections better. The center of the cloth is the “epicenter” which shows the most important issue or the topic closest at hand. I don’t read reversals typically.

They have been really easy for me to use and understand so far. I’m not sure if I’ll be using them for other people, though. We’ll see what time has in store.


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