I made Ogham Staves!

Ogham Staves

I actually also have Ogham Dice, but I have felt that I needed to also use Ogham Staves or sticks too. These pieces of wood were graciously given to me by my neighborhood tree and I give it MANY thanks!

I think I’m going to keep practicing with Ogham before I offer to divine for anyone using Ogham. The system still is new to me, but I have found it accurate (since card readings will often yield same results after I draw Ogham.)

If you want to know more about Ogham, my friend Jared made a really awesome thread at Polytheist Community Forums about Ogham: The Great Big Ogham Resource Thread. I recommend reading it when you get the chance!

Anyway, that’s all I have to update. Yay Ogham Staves!


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