New Titles: Bandraoi agus Banfhaidh

After some thoughtful meditation and consideration, I think it’s time for me to mark my new goals of my spiritual life with titles that reflect how I want to be perceived by the community at large. Quoting Lora O’Brien’s Irish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch, I felt a deep calling to these two titles:

Bandraoi (pron. Ban-Dree): a term for a Druidess, this is what is given as the dictionary definition, but literally translated it is the same as Bean Draoi (woman, magic), which is a female User of Magic.

Banfhaidh (pron. Ban-aw-eeh): Prophetess

I know I don’t talk about it here much, but I do practice magic. More so than my co-religious Gaelic Polytheists. And I want to help people through magic. While visiting with a group of witchy feminists, one of them shared how they believed they were cursed with bad luck. I really wanted to just grab her by the shoulders and help her with whatever magic I could grab my hands on. But I held back because I don’t advertise myself as a witch-for-hire (or a witch for that matter.) I realized I did need a way to talk about how I am a magic user and how I want to help others. So calling myself a Bandraoi is a great way to do it, without calling myself a witch.

As for Bandfhaidh…I have also felt very in-tuned with divination lately. I’m still trying to get better and try new ways, but I love how much I have been able to provide clarity for people using cards and bibliomancy. I plan to make Ogham Staves and to get better with my Ogham Dice, too. It’s important to me. I also am getting more attentive to naturalistic signs.

For clarification, while I am taking on a woman’s title I still do identify as a demigender woman specifically. This is why I’m not demigender, not trans or agender–I still have a strong connection to female titles and gender, but just not as strongly. I am also not relenting on my idea that “witch”  is a negative term to be avoided (though I still don’t hold it against those who wish the title on themselves.)

So that’s exciting, right? I hope I can continue to help people through magic and divination, as well as help myself.


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