Exploring Mandan Park


Today I braved the cold–and my agoraphobia–to explore a treesy park near the river!


The first spot on my tour. You can sorta see the little info boards about Lewis and Clark, which I kinda…just skipped over.


This is the view, though. Not much to see in this winter season, but at least you can see the river!


Better picture of on top the mound…


Further along, I took a picture at a parking spot near MY FAVORITE SPOT (I’ll show you why in a moment.) Anyway, you can see all the litter…so upsetting. I might go back with a bag and one of those trash picker-uppers and try to clean the park a bit.



LOOK AT IT! I love this spot! And what’s that in the center? Is that a well?!?


No! It’s a fire pit! Raised up on what looks like a well. HOW COOL IS THAT? I really want to go here for my festivals now.

I didn’t get pictures of the playground and baseball field because when I parked near it, some guy parked next to me. It made me feel really nervous, especially because he didn’t get out of his car. So I got too anxious and just…left. But that is it for the park. It’s rather small, but it’s really perfect for me. I could devote time to getting familiar with it and even cleaning it up.

And that spot with the fire pit is…so ideal for meditations, rituals, the like. It’s hard to see, but it’s also on top of a rather steep hill. It’s just so Otherwordly and lovely! Eee!

That was my adventure for today. I can’t wait to return someday soon!


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