NBMysteries: Lunar and Solar Symbolism

"Sun and Moon" by  starwoodarts on deviantArt

“Sun and Moon” by starwoodarts on deviantArt

Partaking again in the Non-Binary Mysteries prompt! This one is about Lunar and Solar entities.

Who are the sun/moon deities that make most sense to you? Are they even from your tradition?

Various deities have been crammed into those roles (like making Lugh a “sun god”, which is so not founded in anything in the culture and yet is such a common misconception), but that’s been done by outsiders who have ideas on how all religions should operate. Instead, the goddess Áine and her sister Grainn are associated with the sun at different times of the year–making the sun more a “Sun Goddess” than a “Sun God.” And even then, I don’t think the sun is embodying the goddess but rather Áine or Grainn have power over the sun at different times of the year.

As for the moon…I don’t know of any deities that have heavy associations over the moon. Instead, the Moon is more or less its own entity–going more for an animistic approach to how I view it.

What bugs you most about the way solar/lunar symbology is constructed or described?

The fact that scholars (starting with Caesar writing about the Gauls) find it necessary to find a “sun god” and “moon goddess” in every culture’s  religion is ridiculous. It wasn’t so clear-cut, especially in Gaelic lands where most nature entities are ascribed female genders. I also don’t get why they need genders at all. Gender is such a human construct–why give it to non-human celestial bodies?

Do you have sun/moon UPG that integrates your identity?

Not really. Mostly just my animistic approach to the two celestial bodies.

If you don’t work with or honor sun/moon deities/energies at all, why not?

I do, to an extent. I tend to appreciate the moon and sun when they appear, thinking about how beautiful they look and thanking them for existing. But I don’t do any regular types of offerings or rituals in correspondence with either. The chief reason is that I haven’t felt the need. I don’t do special offerings throughout the yer to Áine or Grainn, though I may honor them when the switch between their solar reigns happen (Midsummer and Midwinter respectively.)

What does your solar/lunar magic look like? How much of it did you have to build by yourself from the ground up?

I don’t do really much magic with Solar or Lunar energies. If I did, I would probably thank them for their energy. I may ascribe to the waxing and waning of the moon as being metaphorical for certain spells, but I typically don’t pay much attention when I’m doing a spell. A spell needs to be done when it needs to be done–regardless of the time of day or month.


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