Gaelic Divination Stones

oracle stones

For a while now, I’ve been musing about the idea of using Gaelic ideas to base a system of divination around. Originally I was thinking of using cards, but the idea of using stones came to me more recently and I liked it.

So pictured above is the result! There are 18 stones total, listed below. I may add two more stones but I’m not set on that idea as of now.

I plan to have this sold from my Etsy shop to add some more revenue for the Polytheist Community Center. But someone wanted to know how to make them themselves, so I’ll explain my process below for anyone who has the tools to do this:

Eighteen stones with images symbolizing: Earth, Sea, Sky, Moon, Sun, Fire, Triskele, Honor, Family, Community, Fae, Otherworld, Gods, Ancestors, Hearth, Hospitality, Ogham, and Magic. I used a color coded system: black are abstract concepts, gold are tangible things in this world, and silver is Otherworldly things. There’s some overlap as you may guess, which makes for some interesting imagery.

I read them by throwing them on a cloth divided into three sections. These trisections don’t represent anything and just help me see connections better. The center of the cloth is the “epicenter” which shows the most important issue or the topic closest at hand. I don’t read reversals typically.

They have been really easy for me to use and understand so far. I’m not sure if I’ll be using them for other people, though. We’ll see what time has in store.


I made Ogham Staves!

Ogham Staves

I actually also have Ogham Dice, but I have felt that I needed to also use Ogham Staves or sticks too. These pieces of wood were graciously given to me by my neighborhood tree and I give it MANY thanks!

I think I’m going to keep practicing with Ogham before I offer to divine for anyone using Ogham. The system still is new to me, but I have found it accurate (since card readings will often yield same results after I draw Ogham.)

If you want to know more about Ogham, my friend Jared made a really awesome thread at Polytheist Community Forums about Ogham: The Great Big Ogham Resource Thread. I recommend reading it when you get the chance!

Anyway, that’s all I have to update. Yay Ogham Staves!

New Titles: Bandraoi agus Banfhaidh

After some thoughtful meditation and consideration, I think it’s time for me to mark my new goals of my spiritual life with titles that reflect how I want to be perceived by the community at large. Quoting Lora O’Brien’s Irish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch, I felt a deep calling to these two titles:

Bandraoi (pron. Ban-Dree): a term for a Druidess, this is what is given as the dictionary definition, but literally translated it is the same as Bean Draoi (woman, magic), which is a female User of Magic.

Banfhaidh (pron. Ban-aw-eeh): Prophetess

I know I don’t talk about it here much, but I do practice magic. More so than my co-religious Gaelic Polytheists. And I want to help people through magic. While visiting with a group of witchy feminists, one of them shared how they believed they were cursed with bad luck. I really wanted to just grab her by the shoulders and help her with whatever magic I could grab my hands on. But I held back because I don’t advertise myself as a witch-for-hire (or a witch for that matter.) I realized I did need a way to talk about how I am a magic user and how I want to help others. So calling myself a Bandraoi is a great way to do it, without calling myself a witch.

As for Bandfhaidh…I have also felt very in-tuned with divination lately. I’m still trying to get better and try new ways, but I love how much I have been able to provide clarity for people using cards and bibliomancy. I plan to make Ogham Staves and to get better with my Ogham Dice, too. It’s important to me. I also am getting more attentive to naturalistic signs.

For clarification, while I am taking on a woman’s title I still do identify as a demigender woman specifically. This is why I’m not demigender, not trans or agender–I still have a strong connection to female titles and gender, but just not as strongly. I am also not relenting on my idea that “witch”  is a negative term to be avoided (though I still don’t hold it against those who wish the title on themselves.)

So that’s exciting, right? I hope I can continue to help people through magic and divination, as well as help myself.

Shoulda done this sooner.

I don’t know if magic works. I have had two spells that I feel worked really, really well…but other ones are more vague to “Nopes.”

However, I should have tried to curse someone. Because I didn’t, he may have gotten the chance to do more damage. I put it off.

I changed that tonight. The candle is still burning. I may never know if it works but, if it does, he won’t be hurting anyone anymore.