SaD Challenge: Day 8

Let’s do a Legend of Zelda spread about Power! This spread and above art is created by Suntomoon-Moontosun. I’ll be using my Silicon Dawn deck since it needs some love too.

Something I really like about this spread is how it is using the Goddess of Power as inspiration. In the LoZ Canon, Ganon is the holder of the Triforce of Power in many games. This gives the Goddess and part of the Triforce a negative spin, I think. It’s so great to be looking at Power as something positive in ourselves and not something that just corrupts (though it can.)

1 – 3: Your most powerful aspects, be they skills, habits, personality quirks, or other parts of your identity or life.

Ace of Cups, Princess of Cups, 8 of Wands

Not surprising to see so many cups. I have, for the longest time, had an affinity with water over the other Greek elements. Ace of Cups is signifying my productivity, my willingness to bend, my willingness to destroy. Prince of Cups is my hope in desolation–possibly my resolve to come out of my mental illness and go into remission of sorts. Lastly, 8 of Wands is fortitude, survival, resources. Preparation during a doomsday scenario. I guess this could also apply to my mental health, seeing that I have many coping methods now to utilize during my doomsdays.

4: Your foundational source of power. Your bedrock. If you ever feel powerless, know that you can always draw from this.

Six of Pentacles

Victory, but victory brought to me by others. My bedrock is the people I surround myself with, who I help and support, so they can bring me back spoils–even if the spoils is their smiling faces.

5: How best to tap into your foundational power.

Queen of Wands

Cheepish grin and a gaze that wanders. A southern gal who isn’t afraid to give, even when the person doesn’t necessarily deserve it.

6: A power you can build yourself. A new skill, or pathway, maybe a relationship (and so on) that will empower you further, and is very much within your reach.

Two of Cups

Ah…Balance. Equally giving and equally receiving. If I can receive as much as I give and give as much as I receive, that’d truly be a great skill to have.

7: How to light that fire. This will tell you how to begin building that power. Note that you don’t have to drop the match. If it’s a power you don’t want to pursue, it can be valuable to know what not to do.

18 Moon

Sometimes the Moon lights the way, sometimes she’s retreated in darkness. I think I’m suppose to be the Moon in this instance: slowly building power, slowly waning power, and moving in a flow.

Well, that was a fun spread to do! I’m figuring out that I’m very disconnected with the Archetypes of the Tarot the more and more I use non-Tarot decks. I’m okay with this problem.


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