SaD Challenge: Day 7


Artwork by SaltYourBones

SaltYourBones did another spread since last time I did the challenge! Woo!

This spread is about self-reflection, though it uses the idea of “Screen Names” which I love.

For this, I’m going to go back to tarot decks and use my The Sorcerers Tarot.

Card 1: Who you are inside
Queen of Wands – “Taking the initiative, going beyond one’s duty, using personal strength to compensate for other people’s weaknesses, not sacrificing the means for the end, work ethic.” Well, that’s a rather flattering description!

Card 2: Who you show to the world
Temperance – “Recovering one’s strength, being able to wait, doing things a little at a time, fragility, gentleness, nourishment, toning down passions, not exaggerating, knowing when to stop.” I find it curious how this is how I have been feeling lately, oppose to Card 1. Especially fragility and gentleness over the type of strength and forwardness described in Card 1. Interesting. 

Card 3: How that effects you on a physical level
6 of Pentacles – The crux of this I think is how I have begun turning to others for strength, instead of relying on myself. 

Card 4: How that effects you on a psychological level
Knight of Pentacles – I’ve been keeping in check what I have over looking towards future endeavors; appreciating what I have.

Card 5: Why you do it
Knave of Wands – “Trusting in one’s strength, ability to invent, being able to find good anywhere, not losing heart.” I think this may refer to how I have been relying on others because I’m afraid to rely on myself, but at the same time I’m telling myself that I’m only temporarily doing this until I build up strength again. But maybe I’m already strong?

Card 6: Why you can’t stop
King of Chalices – “Control of emotions, emotional stability, sentimental wisdom, romantic experience” Perhaps that I still don’t have control over my emotions?


The last two cards seemed out of place and not fitting, yet up to that point everything made perfect sense. I almost think I should take them in the inverse. On the other hand, I wonder if they are referring to people… Hm…

Stuff to consider. Really well put spread, though. I liked it.



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