Imbolc 2015


Despite the week prior being very warm, Imbolc arrived with inches of snow.

My celebration was really brief and mild, but I liked it. I did most of what I wanted to accomplish. I left out an offering. I had a special meal with my fiance. I made a new cros Bríde to put over my door and my old one will join my collection around my shrine. I put on my door handle two scarves to be blessed.

I am starting to get the same type of excitement around and on Imbolc that I remember having on Christmas growing up. And I think that means I’m really starting to embody the Gaelic spirituality as wholly as possible.

If you’re a Gaelic Polytheist, I hope your Imbolc went just as lovely! And if you are in the southern hemisphere, I hope your Lughnasa was fun! (I keep thinking how my Imbolc was marked with so many games that I might as well have celebrating it instead!)


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