Nonbinary in Polytheism

This is weird. I’ve been cis gender most my life, but recently I’ve been questioning that. When a dear friend of mine brought up the term “Demigirl”, everything clicked in place.

But I guess that means I’m non binary anymore?

With all that said, I decided to participate in the Nonbinary Mysteries Prompts as a demigender individual. I…hadn’t really interacted with the nonbinary community since discovering I am demigirl (demifemme? Demifemale?) so. Just. Be gentle if I mess up…

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SaD Challenge: Day 8

Let’s do a Legend of Zelda spread about Power! This spread and above art is created by Suntomoon-Moontosun. I’ll be using my Silicon Dawn deck since it needs some love too.

Something I really like about this spread is how it is using the Goddess of Power as inspiration. In the LoZ Canon, Ganon is the holder of the Triforce of Power in many games. This gives the Goddess and part of the Triforce a negative spin, I think. It’s so great to be looking at Power as something positive in ourselves and not something that just corrupts (though it can.)

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Imbolc 2015


Despite the week prior being very warm, Imbolc arrived with inches of snow.

My celebration was really brief and mild, but I liked it. I did most of what I wanted to accomplish. I left out an offering. I had a special meal with my fiance. I made a new cros BrĂ­de to put over my door and my old one will join my collection around my shrine. I put on my door handle two scarves to be blessed.

I am starting to get the same type of excitement around and on Imbolc that I remember having on Christmas growing up. And I think that means I’m really starting to embody the Gaelic spirituality as wholly as possible.

If you’re a Gaelic Polytheist, I hope your Imbolc went just as lovely! And if you are in the southern hemisphere, I hope your Lughnasa was fun! (I keep thinking how my Imbolc was marked with so many games that I might as well have celebrating it instead!)