SaD Challenge: Day 5


Spread Image by SaltYourBones

Day 5 of the Spread-A-Day challenge is brought to you again by SaltYourBones!

This spread is based on a picture of a mirror, and as such it has themes such as self-reflection. SaltYourBones, however, added an element of how to transformation which is a nice touch.

For this spread, I’m going to try to use my Enchanted Map Oracle. I’m not terribly familiar with it, so I want to practice more with it.

Card 1: Trait 1
“Encouragement” Reversed – Well, obviously this stands to reason that I am lacking encouragement. Immediately I thought about my self-esteem problems that are making it difficult to deal with tough circumstances. The booklet discusses how this card, reverse, is not listening to one’s intuition and taking a misstep because of it. 

Card 2: Trait 2
“Goblins” – I have a history with Goblins messing things up for me… But in this case, the booklet details the Goblins as being born from one’s shadow-side. They emerge as negative self-talk and as personal flaws. Quite literally: they are negative traits of myself.

Card 3: The root of your problems
“The Bone Collector” Reversed – I should note that I drew the cards in the wrong order, and this was technically the 4th card drawn– but in Card 3’s spot. I decided I was meant to draw it in this order, and I don’t believe I am wrong in my intuition: the Bone Collector reverse is about accepting myself as a whole person. I can’t recover what was lost, and need to accept that I am a whole person as I stand now. I may have struggles, but that doesn’t keep me from being complete. This falls in line with a theme of my cards about accepting where I am in life–something I am reluctant to do.

Card 4: How these affect you, especially in how others perceive you
“Wizard of Awareness” Reverse – Well! Right away, I can say that this probably indicates that people are aware of how unaware I am about myself and things around me. The booklet continues and says that I am forcing situations to turn out how I want them, because I do not trust the outcome otherwise. I think the phrase “heavy handed” is useful here.

Card 5: How to fix it.
“Details, Details” Reversed – Again, reversed here probably is an indication that I need to go with the flow more. Allow things to go as they go. Don’t try to know everything ahead of time. Allow things to develop as they develop. And if I don’t know all the details, then that’s okay: trust myself and trust my Gods.


This spread’s layout was really unattractive to me, and I almost didn’t do it. But it seems that it really yielded some insightful results, so perhaps I shouldn’t be so hasty to judge. I think part of the insightfulness comes from the Enchanted Map Oracle, but I think the positioning of the cards was oddly intuitive despite my initial reaction. 4 for you, SaltYourBones!


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