SaD Challenge: Day 4


Spread art by SaltYourBones

I return to SaltYourBones for my Spread-A-Day Challenge’s spread!

This spread is based off a butterfly and is about transformation. For this, I think I’m going to use my Insight Story cards.

Card 1: The Good Traits
“Candle” – This card is about love. When I think of a candle–a single candle–I think about spirituality, tenderness, and enlightenment. I think this card is saying that I illuminate those around me. I hope this is true.

Card 2: The Bad Traits
“Tunnel” – Before even giving this much though, I immediately think “tunnel vision”–which is indeed a habit I have. I see only one way and one way only, without being able to see alternative routes or what may be going on around me.

Card 3: The Ugly Traits
“Cake” – Cake is something that is prepared for special occasions. I am wondering if this means that I only go all-out for special occasions, and if so, I need to give more of myself more often.

Cards 4 – 7: How to transform yourself
“Mask” This is an interesting card to pull. This card falls under the category of Power, and I think the power of identify is what is important. Concealing oneself. I am typically a very open person, but perhaps that is something the cards think I need to be more cautious about.

“Chocolate” – Ahhh yes. This card. We got this card a lot in the #21DailyDraw. A LOT. This is about indulgence, at least how I’ve been reading it. Indulging sparingly, though. I need to indulge myself to thrive. And it’s nice that the cards recognize that.

“Egg” – Perhaps thee icon of rebirth. Another theme this deck in particular has given me is the need to renew myself. Become something else. Eggs are often used as base ingredients, too, so I need to reseed myself in a way that I can grow from it and make something new.

“Skeleton” – Back to basics. Understanding what is at my very core–what is the “bones” of myself.


This spread was interesting, but I think the cards and what they represent aren’t as concise as they could be. For one thing, I don’t know what the difference between “bad” and “ugly” in this context would actually be. I personally think the first three cards would work better as “the root” or “what one is starting with”, followed by the last four cards to being”what one will transform into.”

But still, a really simple spread and I love the imagery.



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