SaD Challenge: Day 2

buquet of roses

Artwork belongs to SaltYourBones


Day Two of the Spread a Day Challenge! Only, I’m a few days late. Oops?

This spread is also by SaltYourBones and deals with relationships. I think I’ll also be using my Sibilla Oracle Deck for this spread, since it does a good job of connecting to various people.

While tempting to use the romantic option, I want to stretch this spread and attempt a non-romantic person I know. Besides, I’m curious about our relationship and where it might be heading.

Card 1: Self, or Party 1
“Delay” – I’m actually interested in why this card was picked…I resemble the women in the picture, but there is “women with blond hair” card. Instead, I wonder if it’s dilly-dallying? Delaying our relationship? Delaying my involvement with this person? All I can think about is how this person is delaying something involving me.

Card 2: Romantic or other interest; Party 2
“Quarrel” – This makes a lot of sense, in two reasons. One being that I was recently miffed at this person. The other being that this person is in constant conflict, either with herself or with others around her. Unfortunately, it’s hardly her fault…other than keeping problematic people around.

Card 3: “What’s Blooming”; the status or nature of the relationship.
“Protector” – This…makes a lot of sense. For numerous reasons. It boils down to how I am a sorta protector to her.

For these next two cards, I originally laid them backwards–with 4 being underneath while 5 should have been laid under 4. When I flipped them, they worked better reversed, so I think I mislaid the cards.

Card 4: The good
“Pleasant, pastime” – This is true. I like having this person around me. They give me a friend aside from my fiance and the ability to go places with someone. They’re someone I also find easy to talk to.

Card 5: The bad
“A lot of money” – And there’s the rub: spending time with them is money. In fact, just getting them back to a place they can see me is going to be a lot of money. But even when we hung out, I constantly felt the need to spoil them. That is my fault, not hers, but I spent a lot of money in spending time with her. Having someone to go places is great…if only going to those places wouldn’t cost so much.

I need a job…


Anyway, this spread seemed to do a good job. I think it ended up being a bit wonky with the 1st Card, though I don’t know what went wrong there.

Thanks again to Anna for making the spread!


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