Spread a Day Challenge

A while back, I wanted to start doing more spreads a day to get better with my intuition. On Tumblr, I just completed the #21DailyDraw Challenge. I learned a lot, most significantly of which is how I choose the card. Now, I want to do more complex spreads. And use a different deck.

I asked Anna at SaltYourBones if I could use her daily spreads she created to that end, and she agreed. However, I didn’t go forward at the time and she appears to have stopped updating after 5 spreads.

Nonetheless, for at least the first five, I will do her spreads (linking back to the original posts where she created them.) Then, I’ll test out spreads I have stored and go from there.

The ultimate goal is to have 31 Days where I did a full spread with a deck. Like with the #21DailyDraw, I’m hoping that by the end of it I’ll have an even more complex understanding.

Wish me luck!


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