SaD Challenge: Day 1

Conflict Spread

Artwork done by Anna at SaltYourBones


The first spread Anna made actually presented itself a challenge right away. The purpose of the spread is to resolve conflict between two parties. However, at the moment, I’m not in conflict with anyone! (To my knowledge, anyways.) Which is a good thing, but it means this spread isn’t useful to me at this moment.

However, my little brother and my mom are not getting along. So I thought I’d use them as my two parties. I decided to try using my Sibilla Oracle for this. This deck seems to be either extremely accurate, or extremely off. Let’s see what happens:

Card 1: Self, or first party
“Sweet Card” – While not clear by the name, the picture actually reminds me of my mother. So here we have my mom.

Card 2: What they’re right about
“Soldier” – I think this is about duty and honor, given that my little brother left college half way through the year instead of completely a full year then moving out to Nebraska.

Card 3: What they’re wrong about
“Quarrel” – Not surprisingly, my mom is wrong about starting a fight with my little brother over this.

Card 4: Opposition, or second party
“Absence” – Referring to how my little brother has left his college in West Virginia to move back out here to Nebraska.

Card 5: What they’re right about
“Impediment” – He’s right about there not being enough time, and that staying the full semester in West Virginia would be a detriment to himself.

Card 6: What they’re  wrong about
“Some money” – Yeah, it isn’t “some money” to move across the country. It’s quite a pretty penny to do it. It isn’t easy financially. Not to mention, living on his own isn’t easy financially either. He came out here without a job and without a tuition to UNO (he had one at the other school.)

Card 7: Why party 1 can’t see party 2’s point
“A dark-haired woman” – My mom can’t understand my lil brother because she’s my mom. That’s about right.

Card 8: Why party 2 can’t see party 1’s point
“Enemy” – My lil brother sees my mom as an enemy in this, instead of someone who–at heart–wants the best for him.

Card 9 & 10: How to fix it
“Angry Woman” and “Pleasant, pastime” – Let it just cool out over time. Wait for my mom to stop being angry, basically, and enjoy the new experiences.

This surprisingly went really well! All these cards seem on-point with the situation. I was surprised the cards about the two parties were as accurate as they were, too.  I also really like the layout of the cards. The circle makes everything feel connected, and the two cards in the middle help draw up a satisfying resolution. I also like party one’s right is paired with party two’s wrong and vice-versa. That, again, is very balancing to the circle made. It feels very in harmony to look at and pull cards for, which I think is especially helpful with conflict resolution.

Thanks to Anna for making the spread! All credit for the artwork goes to her.


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