Artistic Devotion


Accidentally made a birch tree trunk as an offering to Lugh. I originally was just gonna play with my new carving tools, but I liked the look of wood so much that I decided to make it into a candle holder. Top part is actually hand-widdled down a centimeter.

Not my best work of art, but it’s my first attempt!

Just wanted to quickly muse on my recent offerings I’ve done for Lugh. (Trigger Warning: I mention blood offerings.)

To begin, I always have felt inclined to make Lugh gifts as offerings. Partially because I love to doodle spears, but also because He too is an artist. In folklore, there’s something about how the fae (which some folklore consider to be all of the Tuatha Dé Danann) like human-made things.

The difference a few months ago was that I was going to start burning the offerings, instead of just decorating my space with them.

I started just doing coloring book pages (HelloKitty coloring books to be exact.) I’d color them, then burn them. I haven’t done much, but I felt success with what I have done. I don’t recall how, but I ended up cutting my finger. I took it as an opportunity to give a small blood offering, but my perception on that’s changed. I’ll explain further down.

Last Saturday, I got supplies to do crafts centered around wood: a carving set and a wood burning kit. I started to mess around with a block of wood to just get the feel of the craft, when I decided the block of wood looked like a tree stump (shocking–since it’s wood.) Then I decided I could make it into a candle holder. Then…well, the picture above is the end result! I decided to paint it white because Birch is associated with Lugh in a round-about way. I dedicated the candle holder to Him.

This evening I started on a new block with the intention to make it a spearhead and fashion a spear together–also in honor of Lugh. While carving, I took a break to gently touch the razor point to knock off the wood shavings. In response, my finger was cut. But I didn’t apply any pressure to the blade (not enough to cut me) and the blade was still. I touched the blade similarly afterwards and nothing happened. But I drew blood–again, crafting an offering. So I did another blood sacrifice and continued working.

Way long ago, Lugh had asked for blood sacrifices for my Oath. I wonder if these are ways to get me ready for that? I had partically thought I misunderstood the divination I did for myself, but these signs seem rather clear to me.

Combined with how earlier today I did a card draw that said how art is how I can progress spiritually. Then also seeing a hawk today despite not being on the roads I typically see them on… I am thinking that Lugh is with me on this. And I’ll prove myself worthy to be Oathed to Him through my art dedicated to Him.

…But I seriously should get some gloves because my hands are ACHING from gripping the wood so tight!

Sincerely – Allec


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