Just wanted to say it here too…

That I left Gaol Naofa. (TW: The link contains trans misogyny and discussions of rape.)

I guess in actuality I was “kicked out”, but I was in the process of deleting my account when I was told I was being banned.

I wrote what happened on the link above, but I wanted to mention here that I was really troubled by everything. So much so, that I prayed very hard to Lugh about if I had done the right thing. I asked for Him to send me a dream or a sign, but I didn’t dream that night (surprise! The anxiety was keeping me awake.) But the next day, I saw some clear signs that helped me feel like He was affirming my choices. Whether or not that is wishful thinking… I don’t know. But the signs seemed clear enough that I don’t think I misread them.

Anyway. I’m still a Gaelic Polytheist. I’m still going to continue doing what I’m doing: learning, practicing, and growing.


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