SaD Challenge: Day 6

Ugh. Today, I’m doing a simple three-card spread of:

  1. Why am I feeling so tired?
  2. What do I need to fix it?
  3. How can I implement the solution?

The cards are laid 1 – 2 -3 horizontally. I decided to use my Enchanted Map Oracle cards again for this.

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SaD Challenge: Day 5


Spread Image by SaltYourBones

Day 5 of the Spread-A-Day challenge is brought to you again by SaltYourBones!

This spread is based on a picture of a mirror, and as such it has themes such as self-reflection. SaltYourBones, however, added an element of how to transformation which is a nice touch.

For this spread, I’m going to try to use my Enchanted Map Oracle. I’m not terribly familiar with it, so I want to practice more with it.

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SaD Challenge: Day 1

Conflict Spread

Artwork done by Anna at SaltYourBones


The first spread Anna made actually presented itself a challenge right away. The purpose of the spread is to resolve conflict between two parties. However, at the moment, I’m not in conflict with anyone! (To my knowledge, anyways.) Which is a good thing, but it means this spread isn’t useful to me at this moment.

However, my little brother and my mom are not getting along. So I thought I’d use them as my two parties. I decided to try using my Sibilla Oracle for this. This deck seems to be either extremely accurate, or extremely off. Let’s see what happens: Continue reading

Spread a Day Challenge

A while back, I wanted to start doing more spreads a day to get better with my intuition. On Tumblr, I just completed the #21DailyDraw Challenge. I learned a lot, most significantly of which is how I choose the card. Now, I want to do more complex spreads. And use a different deck.

I asked Anna at SaltYourBones if I could use her daily spreads she created to that end, and she agreed. However, I didn’t go forward at the time and she appears to have stopped updating after 5 spreads.

Nonetheless, for at least the first five, I will do her spreads (linking back to the original posts where she created them.) Then, I’ll test out spreads I have stored and go from there.

The ultimate goal is to have 31 Days where I did a full spread with a deck. Like with the #21DailyDraw, I’m hoping that by the end of it I’ll have an even more complex understanding.

Wish me luck!

Just wanted to say it here too…

That I left Gaol Naofa. (TW: The link contains trans misogyny and discussions of rape.)

I guess in actuality I was “kicked out”, but I was in the process of deleting my account when I was told I was being banned.

I wrote what happened on the link above, but I wanted to mention here that I was really troubled by everything. So much so, that I prayed very hard to Lugh about if I had done the right thing. I asked for Him to send me a dream or a sign, but I didn’t dream that night (surprise! The anxiety was keeping me awake.) But the next day, I saw some clear signs that helped me feel like He was affirming my choices. Whether or not that is wishful thinking… I don’t know. But the signs seemed clear enough that I don’t think I misread them.

Anyway. I’m still a Gaelic Polytheist. I’m still going to continue doing what I’m doing: learning, practicing, and growing.