Virtual Divination Experiments – Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, here are apps I downloaded (for free) that deal with Yes/No type questions.

Again, I want to preface this article with how I don’t personally believe divination has to be with the divine, but does involve an entity of some sort.

On to the apps!

[Didn’t have a cover picture]

3) Fate!

  • Question – “Is getting a job the right choice for me right now?”
  • Reading – Yes/No Generator
  • Screenshots – IMG_3055
  • Interpretation – “Yes, get a job!”
  • Control Questions –  “Am I in Nebraska?” “No, I don’t think so.” “Do you know where I am?” “My answer is no.” “Is my fiance sitting next to me?” “I doubt it.”
  • Review – I’m not a fan of the ads, but I did get the free version so it’s to be expected. Hard to capture in a still image, but this app is just lightning with words quickly generating. Once you click the screen, an “answer” is given. A yes/no answer, at that. But it’s kinda nice to see a giant ” Yes!” when talking about the job opportunity.The control questions returned with a 0 out of 3. It’s kinda fun, but I doubt it’s actual “divination.” It does have a certain energy to it, which may be my mind seeing a thunderstorm and thinking “energy” or perhaps the rapidly generating text makes me think “energetic.” Still, I may follow up and see about asking a spirit to possess the app, though that’s for another day.


2) “Stone Oracle”

  • Question –  “Is getting a job the right choice for me right now?”
  • Reading – Yes/No questions.
  • Screenshots – IMG_3058
  • Interpretation – “NO ANSWER ALLOWED” …So I guess the app can’t answer that?
  • Control Questions –  “Am I in Nebraska?” “NO.” “Do you know where I am?” “NO ANSWER ALLOWED.” “Is my fiance sitting next to me?” “NO ANSWER ALLOWED.”
  • Review – Well, that was uninformative.This app isn’t accurate at all. And I don’t like how I keep getting how it isn’t allowed to answer questions. That’s unhelpful and just seems to be a way to not answer anything.


3) “funny fortune teller”

  • Question –  “Is getting a job the right choice for me right now?”
  • Reading – Yes/No Questions
  • Screenshots –


  • Interpretation – “I should do it.”
  • Control Questions – “Am I in Nebraska?” “Don’t count on it.” “Do you know where I am?” “Without a doubt.” “Is my fiance sitting next to me?” “Cannot predict now.”
  • Review – Another yes/no app with rather disappointing results.I’m beginning to doubt I’m in Nebraska with all these control questions. Anyway, not anything I can really rely on. Going to be deleting this app too.


4) “Paul the Octopus” by Movisol

  • Question – “What should I focus on?”
  • Reading – Two option layout: “Getting a job” vs. “Crafting”
  • Screenshots –


  • Interpretation – “I should focus on crafting!”
  • Control Questions – “Where do I live? Nebraska or Ohio?” “Nebraska.” “Where is my fiance right now? Bedroom or kitchen?” “Kitchen.” (Nope, my fiance went to bed while I was writing this!) “What statue is on my shrine right now? Odin or Lugh?” “Lugh.”
  • Review – I think I’m a sucker for the layout and novelty. I like Paul! He seems to be trying. I don’t know if I’d file this app under “divination”, but I see Paul as the kinda persona to want to give helpful advice. He answered 2/3 questions correct on the control tests, and I have to think that he wants me to do crafts instead of getting a job (because crafts are way more fun than jobs!) Is focusing on crafts instead of job hunting good advice? Is it advice from someone who is wise and/or divine? Eh…I don’t think so. I don’t get that feel from this app. Instead, this app feels like just some helpful brainstorming. Not divination, but helpful.I’m gonna keep Paul around.


5) “Psychic Paul”

  • Question – “Is getting a job the right choice for me right now?”
  • Reading – Yes/No Questions
  • Screenshots –


  • Interpretation – “There’s a fair chance!” (which probably means it depends on what job I am looking at.)
  • Control questions – “Am I in Nebraska?” “I’m not sure.” “Is my fiance next to me?” “Definitely not!” (This is true, he’s in bed!) “Did I have two cups of coffee today?” “The fishies say yes.”
  • Review – Again, ads because I bought a free version. Annoying, but not surprising.So that’s a 2/3 on the control questions, with the first one being really not correct nor incorrect…I mean, I like to think I’m not in Nebraska. (And after doing the other yes/no apps and being constantly told I’m NOT in Nebraska, I guess maybe I could be internalizing sentiment!)Like the other Paul app, I get a sense of personality with this one. Helps that there is a face. When I shake my phone when asking the questions, his eyes turn into swirls which is adorable. I don’t think this is a terrible yes/no ask app, though I think it falls into the category of “not quite divination” and more about the app’s persona Paul giving me advice from his perspective.


In summary, I kept 3 out of 5 apps. Which isn’t bad! Though two of the apps–both Paul apps–I kept for their novelty and personality, rather than for divination. I am a bit curious about inviting a spirit to possess the Fate! app, but I need to do some research into how to do that properly.


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