Virtual Divination Experiments – Part 1

I guess I should preface this entire article with how I don’t personally believe divination has to be with the divine–which makes me think I need a better way to express what I am actually investigating. Basically, I don’t think divination always involves the divine… But does involve an entity. For example, a Tarot deck could be channeling a spirit. Or the spirit is the person themselves (people with clairvoyance or other high-perception abilities.)

So that said, I downloaded a few divination(?) apps from the iOS store to test out. These are all free. I’m not sure if the iPhone itself will be channeling the interpretations, the apps will, or if none of it will work. Let’s see what happens.

This is Part 1, where I’ll review the apps that are for open-ended questions. In Part 2, I’ll review the apps that are based on yes/no questions.

Screen cap of "Intuitive Life Coaching Oracle Cards" by Kelly T. Smith

1)  “Intuitive Life Coaching Oracle Cards” by Kelly T. Smith

  • Question – “What should I know about myself right now?”
  • Reading – One card
  • Screenshots –


    Interpretation – “I am in a transitional period of my life, things are about to change due to the work I have done up to this point. And I’ll blossom until a beautiful butterfly~”

  • Review – While these cards seem to fall into the category of “these can be relevant to anyone at anytime”, it is particular that I got this card right after getting a job interview–something I haven’t been even able to contemplate for over a year due to mental illness. However, I’ve been working on coping mechanisms and medication changes. I applied last Thursday and got an offer for an interview today. So…This card is actually really timely.I find these cards helpful with small questions and about introspection, and I will probably keep this particular app on my phone for questions about introspection.

"Spirit Oracle Cards" by John Cali

2) “Spirit Oracle Cards” by John Cali

  • Question –  “What should I know about myself right now?”
  • Reading – One card
  • Screenshots – IMG_3046IMG_3052
  • Interpretation – “You’re in pain, but that is just to remind you that you shouldn’t be in pain!”
  • Review – Yeah… This card is really not clear. I don’t like how it’s written. I don’t like this idea that pain and suffering exist to…remind you that pain and suffering aren’t necessary? I don’t know. It’s written really poorly. I kinda got the title card’s meaning…but the description reeks of the false idea that one can choose to be happy instead of miserable–as if those sort of choices are really easy and those who are miserable should just think more positive. Ugh.More over, this card isn’t relevant nor useful.Yeah… I don’t like this app or its writer. Deleting.


3) “Ask it to Flowers”

  • Question – “What should I know about myself right now?”
  • Reading – One-card
  • Screenshots –


  • Interpretation – “I should focus on my sensitivity to help myself and others, and mediate if I should encounter any negativity.”
  • Review – Well, I don’t like how when I open the app I immediately get my reading. I rather have a title screen first (like the first two apps I reviewed.)  But reading the description, this app may be more along the lines of “what should I do today?” type of questions, rather than some more personal, intuitive questions (such as the question I have been asking.) And while I have some faith in Synchronicity, I don’t think this app is something that is able to tap into that.This is an app I’ll be deleting. It doesn’t really seem to serve much purpose or help with my questions at all.


4) “Vibrational Energy Oracle Cards” by Debbie A. Anderson

  • Question – “What should I know about myself right now?”
  • Reading – One card.
  • Screenshots –

IMG_3069 IMG_3073

  • Interpretation – “I need to balance out my heavenly pursuits and my earthly pursuits.”
  • Review – I don’t know what the interpretation is suppose to mean exactly. I think I’ve been pretty balanced with both pursuits for a while. I’m also miffed by the “As Above, So Below” phrasing since that just brings me back to unfavorable memories of NeoPagan and NeoWicca days.  It’s making it hard for me to take this card seriously and to even attempt to use it as advice.I’m going to delete this app, but perhaps if people who respond better to NeoPagan/NeoWicca/NewAge lingo may enjoy this app more than I can.


5) “Ask Jensen”

  • Question – “What should I know about myself right now?”
  • Reading – One-sentence.
  • Screenshots –IMG_3081
  • Interpretation – “After I get over this hill, I’ll have success!”
  • Review – I was really excited to find a CAT app! And look at how disgruntled he is! I expected some sassy cat-rific answers to my question. I was especially excited when I noticed these weren’t yes/no answers.However… All the answers are rather uplifting and amount to “You can do it!” Which, while inspiring, doesn’t really help answer questions where the answer may be something more unfortunate. Not to mention the vibes from the app are unfeeling and apathetic. As though I’m going to a tarot reader, they draw The Tower, and say how things will be A-OKAY because they think giving me a positive reading will make me want to come back to them. It feels very deceitful.So sorry Jensen, I’m deleting you.


6) “cafeDivination”

  • Question – “Work?”
  • Reading – Category: Work, Love, Health
  • Screenshots – IMG_3085
  • Interpretation – “Take time off! I need to RELAX.”
  • Review – I’m all about coffee and divination. And this app is sorta on the right track…but it feels very empty. I can feel how artificial this is. I think part of that is due to having to narrow my life to three different aspects instead of being able to ask my own question. I do give the app credit for playing with the iPhone’s orientation settings so I could “stir the cup” then “tip the coffee cup over” to get the results. But it hardly makes up for the shallow reading I got.I guess I’ll stick to just divining with my own cup of coffee, instead of a virtual one.


In summary, one out of these six apps I kept. The first one I reviewed actually was helpful and insightful, whereas I did not connect with the rest of the apps. Three out of these apps were produced by “Indie Goes: Software with a Soul”, so I might explore more of their apps to see if there are any other apps that pique my interest.


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