Virtual Divination Experiments – Part 1

I guess I should preface this entire article with how I don’t personally believe divination has to be with the divine–which makes me think I need a better way to express what I am actually investigating. Basically, I don’t think divination always involves the divine… But does involve an entity. For example, a Tarot deck could be┬áchanneling a spirit. Or the spirit is the person themselves (people with clairvoyance or other high-perception abilities.)

So that said, I downloaded a few divination(?) apps from the iOS store to test out. These are all free. I’m not sure if the iPhone itself will be channeling the interpretations, the apps will, or if none of it will work. Let’s see what happens.

This is Part 1, where I’ll review the apps that are for open-ended questions. In Part 2, I’ll review the apps that are based on yes/no questions.

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