I hate making the first blog post.

Most of what is important is already in my “About” page. I’m not really done organizing the blog yet, but that’s because I haven’t written enough for me to have anything to organize…

Ugh. Back story I guess?

When I was in middle school, I knew someone who was Wiccan (or probably NeoWiccan.) Whilst at the library I saw a book on Wicca so I picked it up. Then, about a month later, I returned it having never read it. But it was my first “exposure” to paganism.

When I was 14/15, I was suppose to get the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Roman Catholic Church. However I did not feel as though I could do so without lying about my own beliefs–which did not align with Catholicism. I refused to get confirmed–to my mother’s disdain–and went on my agnostic way. 

When I was about 17, I was at a bookstore and saw an idiot’s guide to Wicca and Witchcraft in the “Occult” section next to the Philosophy books. I decided to thumb through the orange book, and realized that some of the stuff there made sense for me. So I bought it, brought it home, and read it. About a few weeks later, I had a very thrown together ritual inviting Brigid and Lugh to be with me and help me with depression. During that evening, Lugh told me He would take care of me. Since then, I’ve been honoring Him–regardless of how my actual religious practice changed.

Over time, I slowly realized that everything in the original books I read was almost utter garbage. Not all pagans worshiped The God and The Goddess, not all pagans were earthcentric, not all witches were religious, etc etc etc. Along side my spiritual development, I was learning more and more about social justice issues. I started to learn about cultural appropriation, I learned about white privilege and other sorts of privilege, I learned about my internalized misogyny, and so forth. 

I eventually found another Tumblr blogger who honored Lugh. She introduced me to Gaelic Reconstruction Polytheism, Gaol Naofa, and the GP Facebook group. I’ve been so happy and blessed to be part of those communities.

Meanwhile, while I came to love Gaelic Polytheism even more, I grew to loathe Neopaganism even more. I am starting this blog because my previous blog has “pagan” in the title. It will stay active to document the pagan community happenings as I run into them, but this blog will be just about polytheism and myself. 

That about catches everyone up to speed… On wards!


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